ARB Translator for Flutter i18n files

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient tool to translate ARB files? Look no further! Aside from translating JSON, Strings and XML files, Devtranslate does a great job of ARB translator. In this section guide, we'll dive into what ARB Translator is, its features, benefits and uses.

Translate ARB files

What is the ARB file format?

ARB files are used in software development to provide a way to externalize UI text, meaning that the text displayed in a software application is separated from the code that generates it. This allows developers to more easily translate and localize their applications into different languages, without having to modify the source code of the application. An ARB file contains key-value pairs, where the keys represent the UI elements and the values represent the translated text for each UI element. These files are typically written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, a lightweight data-interchange format that is easy to read and write.


Benefits of using ARB translator feature

ARB Translator is a feature of DevTranslate designed to translate ARB files. ARB files are used by programmers to define the user interface for applications in a way that is easy to translate.

ARB Translator allows you to easily translate these files into different languages, making your application accessible to a wider audience.

Saves time

It takes a lot more to translate the files manually


Eliminating the need for manual translation reduces the cost

Increases efficiency

Automation increaes efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors

Improves accessibility

Reach a wider audience, make your app accessible and user-friendly

Frequently asked questions and answers

How does DevTranslate work?

DevTranslate is an online ARB files translator that uses DeepL’s AI to translate your files while preserving code order, nesting and syntax.

How much does it cost?

The free trial is limited to 2000 characters. We have a monthly pass for 4.99€ with a 20 000 character limit/month and a pay-as-you-go scheme for 0.00049€ per additional character above that.

Is it only for ARB files?

No, DevTranslate is not just a ARB translator! It also supports xml, json and strings files both for input and output file formats. So if you want to translate a Flutter, React Native, iOS mobile application or any web app we've got you covered.

Can it translate my ARB file into multiple languages at once?

Sure, you can pick all 26 languages supported by DevTranslate and our ARB Translator will then simply give you 26 translated ARB files ready for download.

What if I don't want some words to be translated?

No problem! This is perfect to make sure that the name of your brand, app or key feature name doesn't get translated and stays consistent across all the language versions. For that our ARB translator has an exclude feature, simply enter the words you don't want to be translated there.

DevTranslate is a arb, strings, xml & json translator which handles simultaneous multi language translation into 26 languages.

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