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Pro plan

4.99€ /month

  • 20,000 char. incl.
  • pay-as-you-go over that
  • 0.00049€ / extra character

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Our basic plan is a free option that allows for a limited number of translations. This plan is perfect for testing, limited personal use or for small businesses with minimal translation needs.

Flexible plans

Those with more frequent translation needs will definitely prefer our standard plan, which offers an increased monthly translation limit at a low cost. It's ideal for small businesses or individuals with moderate translation requirements.

For larger businesses or organizations with high-volume translation needs, we offer a professional pay-as-you-go plan over that limit. This plan is tailored to meet the translation needs of every scale and is designed to fit you no matter how much you require.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How does DevTranslate work?

DevTranslate is an online json translator that uses DeepL’s AI to translate your files while preserving code order, nesting and syntax.

How much does it cost?

The free limit is 2000 characters. We have a monthly pass for 4.99€ with a 20 000 character limit/month and a pay-as-you-go scheme for 0.00049€ per additional character above that.

Is it only for json files?

No, DevTranslate is not just a json translator! It also supports xml, arb and string files both for input and output file formats. So if you want to translate a Flutter, React Native mobile application or any web app we've got you covered

Can it translate into multiple languages at once?

Sure, you can pick all 26! DevTranslate will then simply give you 26 translated files ready for download.

What if I don't want some words to be translated?

No problem! This is perfect to make sure that the name of your brand, app or key feature name doesn't get translated and stays consistent across all the language versions. For that our json translator has an exclude feature, simply enter the words you don't want to be translated there.

DevTranslate is a arb, strings, xml & json translator which handles simultaneous multi language translation into 26 languages.

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