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Use automated multi language translation for all your json, xml, arb and strings files instead of wasting time copy-pasting all your text into online translators.

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Multi language translation has never been easier

Quickly translate your app into multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

  • Fast & reliable
  • Accurate
  • AI powered
  • Fully automated

Fast and easy json translator

Just paste the code or upload a json, strings, xml or arb file you want to translate, select the target translation languages and copy, download or export the results.

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Packed with features to make your app translation easy

Accurate translation

Select the desired output languages & receive highly accurate AI translations.

26 languages

Quickly translate your app into popular languages. Multi language translation is the key to reaching a global audience.

AI Powered

Make your app friendly to all users, thanks to DeepL AI’s unbeatable translation accuracy and quality

Multiple file formats

Use our translator for json, strings, arb or xml files. Upload, translate and receive results in the corresponding file format for each language.

File structure intact

Our application translator keeps your file structure intact, preserving order, nesting and syntax.

Language detection

Intelligent recognition algorithm automatically detects your file's input language.

One pricing plan for small & big dev teams

Try out our json translator for free & translate up to 2000 characters without any charge (no credit card required). Upgrade to a 4.99€ per user (excl. tax) monthly subscription and translate up to 20,000 characters each month with a pay-as-you-go scheme for every additional character translated.

Monthly pass

4.99€/per user(excl. tax)

  • 20,000 char. incl.
  • 26 languages
  • fast & accurate
  • json, strings, arb, xml
  • pay as you go 0.00049€ for additional character*

    *applies to anything over the base 20,000 character limit

pay as you go 0.00049€ for additional character*

*applies to anything over the base 20,000 character limit


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