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First 3000 tokens (characters)

  • 3,000 tokens
  • 26 languages
  • JSON, XML, STRINGS & ARB support
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Little Pack

20,000 tokens for 3.8

(0.19for 1000 characters)

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Standard Pack

50,000 tokens for 7.5

(0.15for 1000 characters)

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Pro Pack

200,000 tokens for 20

(0.1for 1000 characters)

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Per month subscription

  • 50,000 tokens
  • 26 languages
  • JSON, XML, STRINGS & ARB support
  • translation history
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DevTranslate contributes 1% of your subscription to remove CO₂ from atmosphere through

Stripe Climate.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is a json translator?

A json translator is a tool that can translate the language in json files which are the most popular file format for keeping the text content for websites and applications.

How is that different from google translate and such?

A json translator is a professional tool for developers that automatically translates files into multiple languages while keeping their code structure intact. Making them instantly read for upload to your app or website.

What does DevTranslate use for translation?

We use DeepL’s advanced AI algorithm for our translations, it is by far the best one available on the market and provides very accurate translations as well as input language detection.

What are tokens?

Tokens are a representation of the service usage and they account for both the number of characters in the translated files and the number of languages they were translated into. Tokens can be acquired in packages or via the monthly subscription.

How many languages can you handle?

Currently DevTranslate handles 26 languages, but as DeepL’s algorithm grows (the latest addition is Ukrainian from September) so will the number of supported languages in our app!

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