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Simplify the Flutter app localization process by automating the translation tasks.

In enhancing the user experience of any application, localization plays a vital role. With the aid of DevTranslate, developers working with Android can establish a more inclusive experience for users worldwide by presenting content in their preferred languages.

Customization & control

DevTranslate brings better control over the translation process of Flutter applications. A diverse array of features allows you to choose the optimal options that suit your project specific needs. These options include the formality of the language, the ability to exclude specific words from translation, and the flexibility to choose the desired file naming convention.

Real-time translations

Keeping translated content up-to-date can be quite challenging, particularly in fast-paced Flutter applications. However, with DevTranslate's real-time translation capability, you can break free from relying on third-party translators. By utilizing DevTranslate, you can say goodbye to prolonged waiting periods for your app content to be translated, as it ensures that the process takes just a matter of seconds.


DevTranslate effortlessly handles the translation needs of projects, regardless of their size. Whether you're working on a small Android app or a sprawling enterprise-level application, as long as your i18n files are externalized, DevTranslate will efficiently translate the Android app.


By utilizing DevTranslate, developers can effectively manage translations and address the needs of a growing user base without spending a lot of time on non-programming tasks, all while upholding a high standard of translation quality.


By leveraging DevTranslate for localizing Flutter apps, the translation workflow becomes streamlined, leading to notable savings in terms of time and costs. Rather than engaging in the manual translation of content field by field or relying on external vendors, development teams can expedite the localization process. As a result, valuable development time and budget can be saved, providing significant advantages in terms of efficiency and resource allocation.

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DevTranslate works on raw data files, no code changes are required.
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions and answers
How can DevTranslate help localize my Flutter app?

DevTranslate is simply the go to tool for easy Flutter localization. Our online JSON translator uses DeepL’s AI to translate your files while preserving code order, nesting and syntax.

How much does it cost?

The free trial is limited to 3000 tokens. We have a monthly subscription for 4,99€ with 50.000 tokens/month and a package system for those that prefer that.

Is it only for Flutter apps?

No, DevTranslate can be used to localize a Flutter app but not limited to that! It also supports xml, arb and strings files both for input and output file formats. So if you want to localize a VueJS, Angular, React, React Native, iOS mobile application we've got you covered.

Can it translate my Flutter app file into multiple languages at once?

Sure, you can pick all 26 languages supported by DevTranslate and our ARB Translator will then simply give you 26 translated ARB files ready for download.

What if I don't want some words to be translated?

No problem! This is perfect to make sure that the name of your brand, app or key feature name doesn't get translated and stays consistent across all the language versions. For that our ARB translator has an exclude feature, simply enter the words you don't want to be translated there.

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