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Localization is a key factor in elevating the user experience of an application. With DevTranslate, Angular developers can seamlessly offer content in users' preferred languages, resulting in a more personalized and engaging experience.

Customization & control

DevTranslate's rich feature set enables users to select the most suitable options for their specific needs. With DevTranslate, developers can easily manage language formality, exclude specific words from translation, and define the desired file naming convention. These flexible settings ensure that developers can finely tune the translation process, allowing for a highly customized and efficient localization experience in their Angular applications.

Real-time translations

When it comes to Angular i18n and updating translated content in dynamic applications, the process can often pose challenges. Leveraging real-time translation capabilities, DevTranslate ensures that you no longer have to endure lengthy delays. By using it you can expect your app content to be translated in a matter of seconds, eliminating any prolonged waiting periods and enabling you to maintain a seamless and up-to-date user experience.


DevTranslate gives developers more control over the translation process in their Angular applications. Its robust features offer various customization options to meet specific needs. Developers can effortlessly configure settings such as language formality, exclusion of specific words from translation, and even choose a preferred file naming convention.


By utilizing DevTranslate, developers can efficiently handle Angular i18n and cater to the demands of an expanding user base, all while minimizing time spent on non-programming activities. This allows developers to maintain a focus on core programming tasks while still ensuring a high standard of translation quality.


Utilizing DevTranslate to localize Angular applications enables an automated localization process, leading to noteworthy time and cost reductions. Rather than translating content field by field manually or relying on external vendors, development teams can speed up the automated localization timeline, ultimately preserving crucial development time and budget resources.

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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions and answers
How can I use DevTranslate for my Angular app?

DevTranslate is an online JSON translator that uses DeepL’s AI to translate your files while preserving code order, nesting and syntax.

How much does it cost?

The free trial is limited to 3000 tokens. We have a monthly subscription for 4,99€ with 50.000 tokens/month and a package system for those that prefer that.

Is it only for Angular apps?

No, DevTranslate can be used for Angularjs i18n but it's not limited to just that! It also supports xml, arb and strings files both for input and output file formats. So if you want to localize a VueJS, React, Flutter, React Native, iOS mobile application we've got you covered.

Can it translate my Angular app file into multiple languages at once?

Sure, you can pick all 26 supported languages and our automatic localization tool will then simply give you 26 translated files ready for download.

What if I don't want some words to be translated?

No problem! This is perfect to make sure that the name of your brand, app or key feature name doesn't get translated and stays consistent across all the language versions. For that our json translator has an exclude feature, simply enter the words you don't want to be translated there.

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