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The online JSON translator app for devs

Automated multi language translation of all your JSON, XML, ARB and STRINGS files.

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Multi language translation has never been easier

Quickly translate your app into multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  • Accurate

    Translations proven to be over 3 times more accurate than competitors tools.

  • Fast

    It take only a couple clicks to translate a file into up to 26 languages.

  • AI powered

    Algorithm that pick up even the smallest nuances & reproduce them in translation.

  • Fully automated

    Machine translation that sounds natural. Result you can enjoy right away.

free online json translator

Multi language support

DevTranslate handles simultaneous translation into up to 27 languages

Reach global audience

Packed with features to make your app translation fast & easy

Pinpoint translation

Simply select as many of the 26 available output languages as you like and you'll receive highly accurate translations momentarily.

26 languages

Quickly translate your app into popular languages. Multi language translation is the key to reaching a global audience.

AI algorithm

Unrivaled accuracy and translation quality of DeepL AI algorithm.

Multiple file formats

Use our translator for json, strings, arb or xml files. Upload, translate and receive results in the corresponding file format for each language.

File structure intact

DevTranslate translates only the text without interfering with the structure of the code at all, so the order and syntax is always preserved.

Language detection

Intelligent recognition algorithm automatically detects your file's input language.

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Don't waste your time! Use our hassle-free online arb, strings xml & json translator.

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