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A Quick Guide to App Localization - DevTranslate

When developing a new app there are quite a lot of challenges waiting for you behind every corner as well as questions you need to answer yourself to make your app successful. One of those questions is how to make it scale, so that it is a global success.

One of the key factors that open your apps for new markets is app localization.

What is app localization?

Application localization is the process of adapting your application to the culture & language of each target market in which you would like to succeed. The process of localizing an application usually begins with what is called internationalization.

Structure Your App for Localization

Internationalization (i18n) is the process of structuring application code and user interface to be fit for localization. It should be the first step you take when building an app aimed at a global audience. How to do it? The most important part is to separate the textual & visual app content from the executable code and store resource files in the project library. This makes them easy to incorporate back into the app as separate localized files, once they are translated into other languages (which can be easily done with DevTranslate). This will ensure that the application content is displayed in the user's preferred language and format.

What are the main benefits of app localization?

If you are asking yourself whether you should localize your application then the answer is very simple - yes! What benefits will it bring to your application? Let's look at some of the most important ones

New markets: App localization is vital if you want to conquer global markets as making your app more appealing to people in different countries allows you to increase your reach.

Engaging to users: Users react more positively to content that respects their cultural norms and is tailored to their expectations. Localized user experience can drastically boost their engagement and brand loyalty.

More app downloads: Studies show that app store descriptions written in a local language can bring up to 40% more downloads as you are boosting your App Store Optimization (ASO) by getting access to totally new keywords & search phrases.

More revenue: Localization is a part of your app expansion. With every market your app is present in, you are gaining access to new potential revenue streams (new users, new ad partners etc.)

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