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Top JSON Translator Tools for 2023

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format that has become the industry standard for storing and exchanging data between applications. JSON files can contain various data structures, including arrays, objects, and key-value pairs, and are commonly used for websites and applications. The main advantage is thought that their key-pair structure enables faster and easier translation, provided that the correct json translator tools are used.

Localization Management Platforms

Localization Management Platforms (LMPs) are cloud-based platforms that offer translation, localization, and management tools for global businesses. They provide a centralized platform for managing projects, translators and their progress with some additional features like translation memory or terminology management. Some popular LMPs include:

  • Phrase: a powerful localization management platform with advanced features for translation memory, glossary, and QA.

  • Crowdin: a feature-rich localization platform with proofreading, translation memory features and integrations for machine translation.

  • Lokalise: Lokalise is a user-friendly localization platform with an intuitive interface, collaboration tools and a number of possible integrations.

While that does sound enticing LMPs rely mainly on human translators with added functionalities for better work management so if you don't employ translators you will need to hire some. While human translators provide the best quality of translation they are costly and require quite a lot of time to do their work. Unless your project needs a ton of highest-order localization work it's highly unlikely that you'll want to do so.

Online translators

If you don't have a team of translators you can always use an online translation service. There are several of those available online and for free:

  • Google Translate: Probably the best-known free translation service in the world.
  • DeepL: A machine translation service that offers high-quality translations for up to 26 languages, with somewhat limited free usage.
  • Microsoft Translator: a free online translation service that supports over 70 languages and provides both text and speech translation.

While they are free they are quite costly in terms of time & effort as you'll have to copy and paste the JSON content into the online translation service, and then copy the resulting translations into the files the same way, for each and every key pair in every single json file. This makes it a decent solution for small translations but wholly unfit for anything more substantial.

Machine translation app

Alternatively, you can use DevTranslate - a dedicated json translator tool. It not only uses DeepL's algorithm to provide high-quality translations but also knows how to keep the syntax intact. All you have to do is upload the file you want to translate, pick the target languages, and click play. You will momentarily receive your translated files, which then only need to be put in the correct folders for your app or website and you're good to go. As DevTranslate provides simultaneous translation into up to 26 languages and handles multiple file formats you can be sure you'll have your localization process finished in no time regardless of what format or language you choose. Between the extremes of either relying on costly and time-consuming human translations and painstakingly copy-pasting content into an online translator, using a professional machine translation app is simply the most cost-effective solution. Whichever json translator tools you decide on it's always important to take the alternatives into consideration - if your translation needs change what you relied on so far can either become complete overkill or wholly ineffective.

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