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How to translate your mobile or web application

Through this short tutorial you'll learn how to translate files or text using DevTranslate. How to translate files using DevTranslate:

  1. Open Translator tab

one click json translator

  1. Click on the Upload file button to import a file from your disk or paste its content to the left side of the editor

    easy file upload

  2. Click Add language button to select desired output languages

    28 language support

  3. (Optional) Open the Additional Settings (three dots) menu to select the format of the translation files, the level of language formality or to decide whether you want the output files to keep the original file name format, select words to be skipped by the translator and a few other options.

    custom settings

  4. Press the Play button and your translation should be ready after a short while

    one click json translator

Translate your

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